1 and 2 shelf battery powered cart.

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Do you want to promote safety at the warehouse or office? Do you want to reduce insurance claims due to work-related injuries? Then, you have to read this information below.

Let me introduce to you the Vestil 2-shelf battery powered e-cart. No matter what size of goods or packages you handle, the Vestil e-carts will make the job easier for you. This battery powered cart is great for supermarkets, warehouses, hotels, mail rooms, and hospitals.

One of the biggest features of this powered drive e-cart is the 2 shelves, providing lots of transport space. For accurate positioning and maneuvering, you can use the variable throttle speed control within the handle. It also features the pivoting handle with horn and emergency stop.

The 500-watt, 24-volt electric motor gives the unit superb performance. With two 9-inch solid foam wheels on the front and two 10.25-inch solid foam wheels on the rear, this 2-shelf e-cart can roll smoothly despite carrying heavy loads. When fully loaded, the cart can run up to 2.5 miles per hour. When empty, the speed can run up to 2.8 miles per hour. It can also manage to transport loads in ramps with at most 7 degrees of incline.

Standard features such as automatic parking brake, automatic braking system, and the free-wheel lever are also included. For safety, the electronics are protected by splash-proof casing. The unit also comes with internal 6 amp battery charger.

The deck measures 14 inches tall, 46 inches long, and 28 inches wide. It has a non-slip, tread-plate surface for heavy duty purpose. With durable steel construction, the maximum load capacity is 500 pounds and additional 250 pounds for the second shelf.  The unit comes with one-year limited warranty.

If you need the cart to transport your loads on a day-to-day basis, then you need to get this 2-shelf battery powered cart today. Click on the Add to Cart button and order your unit right now.