1000 LB Electric Fork Stacker by Wesco

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This electric fork stacker is ideal for transporting small pallets. The small footprint makes it very convenient to get into small and narrow spaces. This Wesco stacker is the safe alternative to other fork trucks for the fraction of the price!

Wesco’s 1000 LB Electric Fork Stacker

This Wesco’s battery powered electric fork stacker can load up to 1000 pounds. It includes a conveniently stored charger cord, an illuminated battery indicator, a floor lock for safer loading and unloading, and a magnetically stored push control pendant to raise and lower the platform. The push button control’s instant stop mechanism means no more fork drifting and more accurate load placement.

In practical applications such as shown in the video, the powered stacker is ideal for situations where loads need to be lifted and lowered as well as moved from one place to another. The battery powered hydraulic pump takes the effort out of raising and lowering the load. This is so much faster than a manual foot pump. In the video, you will notice how the instant stop feature allows the operator to precisely position the platform. Engaging the floor lock helps keep the stacker from rolling when moving loads to and from the unit. The swivel casters provide easy steering and maneuverability in small areas.

The movable control pendant allows the operator to view lifting and lowering of the cargo from the most convenient vantage point. The battery powered fork stacker’s platform lowers to 5.75 inches for convenient loading on and off skids.  With the combination of power lift and easy-to-operate manual push, this Wesco 1000-lb powered stacker is just perfect for maneuvering crowded spaces.

With this Wesco electric fork stacker, you can now eliminate the strain and stress of transporting and lifting heavy loads. Order your unit by clicking on the Buy Now button today.