Electric Counter Balance Fork Stacker

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Wesco’s powered lift counterbalance fork stacker comes loaded with features that will make your work safe and easy. Free sliding and adjustable width forks require no tools and these can accommodate a variety of load sizes. A wired-controlled pendant allows the operator to stand on either side of the unit to safely and accurately raise and lower the fork height. The rear swivel casters ensure tight turning radius and make it easier to maneuver in small areas. The foot-activated floor lock helps keep the stacker in place while raising and lowering loads.

The stacker’s slatted back plate provides visual verification that proper counterbalance weights are in place. Simply turn on the power switch and the voltmeter provides the current battery charge status. The DC battery charger plug is neatly recessed on the side of the cabinet to help prevent damage to itself and to nearby surfaces. Magnets on the back of the control pendant allows for convenient storage on any steel surface of the stacker for quick access and use. You can simply press one button to raise the forks and press the other button to lower them.

The powered lift stacker counterbalance advanced hydraulic control mechanism means no drifting when moving the forks up and down. This allows the operator to achieve much more accurate placement of the load.

As shown in the video, when removing a pallet from a rack, the powered lift counterbalance fork stacker’s accuracy ensures that the forks are at the proper height to enter a pallet. Once the floor lock is engaged, slightly raise the pallet off of the rack. Store the wired control pendant on the stacker frame, release the floor lock, and back out from the rack. For safer transportation of the load, the operator can lower the pallet once the rack is cleared. Finally, when placing the pallet into a rack, the operator can adjust the fork height for proper clearance, position the lift, engage the floor lock, and lower the skid into position.