Electric Platform Stacker by Wesco 2000lb Capacity

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Wesco offers the 2000 pound heavy duty model with double roller chain lift and reinforced frame. What makes this stacker a good choice for your needs? Wesco’s unique instant stop hydraulic pump allows for precise positioning of the load, which is crucial in transporting heavy loads. A floor lock is also included for safety. In addition to the standard floor lock, there is also the optional dead man break.

Shown in the video is the back of the electric platform stacker. Its sturdy slide-out door panel provides easy access to all the internal components such as the battery, fluid reservoir, pump, and charger. Wesco’s unique computer-controlled circuitry prevents overcharging of the battery; thus, eliminating the need to unplug the stacker after it is fully charged. It also allows the use of the stacker while it is plugged in and charging as long as there is sufficient charge in the battery. The Wesco powered stacker offers the standard equipment of battery status voltmeter and LED charged status indicator. As standard equipment, also included is a remote control with a 12-foot coiled cord which permits the operator to stand in the most convenient position while using the stacker. Another important feature is the magnetic base which allows the remote control to be stored almost anywhere in the stacker.

This adjustable straddle base stacker can be adjusted from 34 inches to 50 inches to accommodate a wide variety of pallet sizes. Adjustment is quite easy. You just loosen the T-handle and slide the outrigger to the appropriate size. When properly adjusted, the stacker easily straddles the pallet and lifting and transporting is quick and easy.

No matter what your application, you can bet that the Wesco 2000 pound electric platform stacker will surely fit your needs.  This Wesco platform stacker is a must for factories as well as warehouses. Order your unit by clicking on the Buy Button right now.