The 4 Easy Steps for Maintaining Your Escalera Hand Truck

Maintaining your Escalera Hand Truck is easy, simply follow the steps below.

1.The Wheels. The 8″ wheels have automotive type grease fittings on them and should be kept greased. This will help keep the roller bearings clear of contamination such as dust and dirt, as well as water, extending the bearing life.

2.The Battery. The Battery should be properly maintained and charged as outlined in the Owner’s Operating Manual under Proper Battery Charging.

3.Ball Nut and Drive Screw. The ball nut and drive screw should be lubricated as needed. Over lubrication of the ball nut and drive screw will allow dust and dirt particles to collect, and will prevent the individual bearings in the ball nut from rotating smoothly up, down and around the drive screw during operation of the unit. If the bearings are not rotating, they are sliding along the length of the screw, creating increased friction which causes the battery to work harder and wear down quicker. Likewise, not lubricating the ball nut and drive screw and will increase friction and may even cause the bearings in  the ball nut to freeze up.

4.Use a penetrating Teflon spray lubricant on the ball nut and on the drive screw. Never use grease on the ball nut and drive screw. This will collect debris and completely seize up the bearings in the ball nut. Do Not substitute WD-40 as a penetrating Teflon lubricant,  as this type of lubricant (WD-40) is a cleaning type of lubricant, it will evaporate quickly,  leaving no lubrication inside the ball nut and on the drive screw.