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What does your business need in a hand truck mover?  Does it need a piece of equipment that will take the place of a human employee?  Does it need a powerful mover to move over sized products such as a safe?  Does it need to be versatile, as well as, have a high load capacity?  The Escalera-MS-60 is an amazing hand cart and a powerful  machine you are searching for today!  Escalera means power!  This amazing super machine can move just about anything needed even in close quartered situations such as apartment or office buildings.  Is your product home appliances, furniture, or perhaps security safes?  Does your business move vending machines?  Then consider ordering the Escalera-MS-60 today.  The load capacity is seven hundred (700) pounds up to a huge twelve hundred (1200) pounds.

The Escalera Staircat Powered Stair Climber is well known for “making light work of heavy loads”.  The powerful Staircat Powered Stair Climber has:

•    Steel handles that are nickel chromed making the handles decades durable.
•    An easy single control up and down switch that works with one hand, up or down.
•    Non marking vinyl pads to help prevent damage to walls, stairs and the transportation vehicle.
•    Tempered aluminum alloy frame that is much lighter but is as strong as steel.
•    Rechargeable battery with the charger included with each model.  Charge it overnight as recommended.
•    Wheels and lifting feet are non-marking.  Two wheels make the load stable.
•    Modular design allows the parts to be replaced by the operator in the field.
•    And more.
The upgraded nine (9) optional accessories provide for even more moving power and eliminate the need of purchasing or renting a vehicle with a lift-gate.  The accessories available are:
•    Bigger Wheel Attachment
•    Aluminum portable steps
•    Swivel caster attachment
•    Handle upgrade
•    Extra rewinding strap
•    Retractable load supporter
•    Barrel attachment
•    Bigger toe plate
•    Toe plate that is height adjustable

The climbing capabilities of the Escalera Staircat with Forklift Powered Stair Climber are easily adjusted from a small one (1) inch curb up to a large ten (10) inch high step at the same speed for both. The Staircat is automatically adjusted by the lifting mechanics.  The operating instructions are posted right on the side of the mover, are easy to read and understand.  The Staircat is labor saving because it can be operated by one employee rather than hiring a team of workers.

This is not your average aluminum hand truck!

What difference would that one feature alone make in the bottom line of your organization?  The Staircat is built to last for years and after the break-even point of purchase price is met,   pays for itself again and again.  Perfectly balanced, the Escalera Staircat can save physical strength of the operator and is also known as the back saver.

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