Lectro-Truck 1260 Power Stairclimber

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If you are in the business of moving boilers, water heaters, arcades, and gun safes, then the Lectro Truck 1260 power stair climber is the right choice for you.

Known in the industry as the Old Orange, this stair climber is constructed from heavy duty steel and has a maximum load capacity of 1500 pounds. The Lectro Truck 1260 has a height of 63 inches. With its shorter form when compared to 1268 (71 inches tall), this hand truck is easier to move around tight corners. It has an overall lift height of 39 inches and it only weighs 195 pounds. Meanwhile, there is the toe plate that measures 24 inches by 6 inches.

No matter how heavy the object you are transporting, the stair climber will surely handle it with ease. Thanks to the 1.5 horsepower torque motor, the Lectro Truck 1260 is one powerful tool that you can rely on. The 0.75 inches drive screw is aircraft hardened; hence, you can be sure it will never bow even with loads up to 1500 pounds. The hand truck also comes with standard hook bar for leverage. This can reduce back pains significantly when moving heavy loads.

Safety is never compromised with this hand truck. The Lectro Truck 1260 features the automatic overload circuit brake system. It also has 8 inches by 2 inches non-marring wheels.

The stair climber comes with accessories such as the battery charger and the two adjustable strap bars. Positioned on the side of the battery box is the female charging plug which you can conveniently connect to the battery charger’s male plug. In addition, you can likewise charge the battery by directly connecting the battery‘s terminals with alligator clips. On the other hand, there are two adjustable straps that are detachable without the use of tools.

If you need a reliable tool for all your moving needs, the Lectro Truck 1260 power stair climber is the solution. Order now at the Buy Button above!