Lectro-truck 4512 Power Stairclimbing Hand Truck 600lb Capacity

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If you are looking for a hand truck for smaller loads, then you got to see the Lectro Truck 4512 power stair climber. This hand truck has maximum load capacity of 600 pounds and measures 57 inches tall. It has an overall lift height of 33 inches. The shorter overall height of the stair climber makes it perfect for small spaces and tight spots.

The stair climber only weighs 93 pounds. It is made of heavy duty aluminum alloy; hence, it has this lightweight but strong construction.

With 0.75 horsepower motor, you can expect an efficient and powerful machine that can handle up to 600 pounds. It comes with 24-inch wide toe plate, which is ideal for small spaces. For extra leverage on taller objects, you can use the 10-inch extension handle. For extra strength in lifting, there is the 5/8-inch aircraft hardened drive screw.

The unit also comes with detachable battery pack for convenient swapping of batteries. In addition, the hand truck also includes standard battery charger and one strap bar.

Safety is never compromised with this small but dependable tool. The automatic brake system stops the drive screw even at maximum load capacity. To secure your load, you can use the adjustable strap bar. These can be easily attached and detached without the need to use tools.

The name Lectro Truck has been known for decades for its quality products. In fact, most professional delivery and HVAC businesses all over the country have survived using one of its topnotch units. With more than 35 years of delivering one of the best stair climbers in America, you can never go wrong with the Lectro Truck 4512. This is especially the perfect choice for lighter loads for residential and commercial purposes.

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