Lectro-Truck 5512 1200 lb Capacity 60″

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Are you looking for a reliable hand truck? The Lectro Truck 5512 is one choice you can truly rely on. Why? Let’s see some of its features.

With a lifting capacity of 1,200 pounds, the Lectro truck 5012 hand truck is made of aluminum alloy frame. This material ensures that the unit is lightweight but still durable. With its height of 60 inches, the 5512 has a fully automatic electric brake system, which stops the drive screw no matter how heavy the loads. Indeed, safety is a priority for the Lectro truck 5012.

The hand truck also comes with portable battery pack. The good thing about this battery pack is that it can be easily mounted and removed from the hand truck because of its carrying handle. Thus, you can easily swap batteries if you need to.

To protect the control switches against possible damage, there are switch guards and there are 3 strong grab points to ensure easy handling of the Lectro Truck. To make moving easier, there is the toe plate with 24 inches width. In addition, you can take advantage of the optional leverage bar to handle the heaviest loads.

With 1,200-pound maximum load capacity, it is perfect for moving HVAC, safes, vending machines, wood stoves, and many more.  Providing the lifting power is the 1.5-HPmotor, which makes this hand truck a reliable companion for all those heavy loads. As long as you load the unit within its maximum weight capacity, you are guaranteed that the .75-inch drive screw will certainly not bow.

With the Lectro Truck nameplate, you are assured of quality. This brand has been the reliable name for most business owners in industries like plumbing, heating, and professional delivery systems for more than 35 years.

So, wait no more! Order the 5012 unit today through the Buy Now button.