Lectro-Truck 6512 1500 lb Capacity 68″ Tall

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The Lectro Truck 6512 is the high quality stair climber which is the best choice for tall appliances and other commercial loads. With 1,500-pound maximum load capacity, this heavy duty hand truck model is powered with the detachable battery pack that comes with the fully automatic magnetic brake system. It is powered by 1.5-HP motor and the 0.75 inch drive screw that will not easily bow, even with loads as heavy as 1500 pounds.

The height of the 6512 stair climber is 68 inches and its vertical lifting height is 41 inches. Its toe plate has a width of 30 inches and a depth of 6 inches. The unit only weighs 168 pounds because of lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy construction.

It is designed for heavy lifting. With the touch of the foot, you can fold out the built-in steel tripod for easy movement down hallways, which makes this stair climber super user-friendly. Another great feature is the 10 inches built-in extension handle. This can provide additional leverage when you need to carry heavier loads. It also has four different settings for better control. To assist you when loading and unloading objects in vehicles, you can also make use of the built-in hook bar.

The stair climber comes with different accessories. These include the 2 adjustable strap bars, the no-maintenance battery with battery charger, and the operating manual. The adjustable strap bars can be moved and attached to the unit easily with no need to use tools.  In addition, the battery pack is detachable, making the process of swapping batteries very simple.

This Lectro Truck 6512stair climber is perfect for all professional delivery services, moving businesses, and even for home use. If you need a reliable partner when transporting heavy loads, you can never go wrong with this stair climber. You can check out the video for more details about the features of this product. You can order your unit today with the Buy Button above.