Lectrotruck 1268 Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck

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Are you looking for the best stair climbing hand truck? Do you need a tool to help you transport safes, bulky appliances, HVAC, and water heaters?  The Lectrotruck 1268E could be the best solution for your needs.

This steel hand truck has a maximum load capacity of 1500 pounds. It measures 71 inches tall and has a lift height of 39 inches. The hand truck weighs 205 pounds with standard toe plate measuring 24” or 30” (width) by 6 inches (depth).

This hand truck is made of heavy duty steel, making it perfect for heavy lifting. By raising its wheels, the load can be broken back easier than with the conventional hand dolly. The leverage hook bar provides added power and leverage to further reduce back sprain on heaviest of loads.

This Lectro Truck model will provide the power to handle heavy loads safely and with complete, accurate control at all times. It is powered by 1.5 horsepower torque motor and it features electromagnetic braking system. It comes with 0.75 inches drive screw and two adjustable strap bars.
Let this hand truck cut down on injuries, workman’s claims, and damages to your product and customer’s premises. By adjusting the position of the wheels, the standard Lectro truck without additional accessories will carry big loads through typical doorways found in most locations, with plenty of space to spare. The center of gravity is maintained while lowering and raising action by powering the wheels up or down.

The Lectro truck 1268 with the all-terrain wheels easily moves tall loads on doorways.  You can check out in the video how the Lectro truck makes the typical delivery hassle free.

If you are in industries like safe moving, commercial plumbing, commercial HVAC, and the likes, you need to get this Lectrotruck 1268 stair climbing unit. Order your very own unit by clicking on the Buy Now Button!