Magliner SAL Ergo Handle Liftkar

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Are you looking for the faster and safer way to deliver loads on stairs? You don’t have to worry anymore. Here is the Magliner Sal Liftkar with Ergo handle.

This Liftkar with Ergo handle is designed to promote good posture by reducing unnecessary movements by the user. Thanks to the ergonomic design and lightweight structure. It is made of aluminum, making it light yet very sturdy. It only weighs 35 pounds without the battery.

This quality product is from Austria, not China. Its overall height measures 62 inches and its maximum load capacity is 375 pounds.  Depending on the nose, its depth ranges from 18 inches to 24 inches. With these dimensions, it is perfect for tight corners and narrow hallways.

This stair climber has advanced technology which reduces the force required to transport loads up and down the stairs.  It has electronic overload protection for safety. It also has sliding clutch and power assist in ascending and descending modes. The ascending mode comes with dual speed control and the maximum speed is 29 steps per minute for the 170 model.

Quality is very evident with some of the details in this product. First, it comes with electronic brake system for optimum safety. Its 10 inch pneumatic wheels are also very reliable. For cylinders and kegs, it features the uniquely designed curved-back frame.

The battery is maintenance-free and the unit comes with standard charger. To charge the battery fully, it only takes 1.5 hours. The battery capacity is approximately 220 steps with maximum load. With half-load capacity, the battery capacity is 300 steps.

There are optional accessories that you can get with this unit. You can also use the optional keg hook to secure your loads in place. Other accessories include the vehicle charger, the battery clip, containment strap, and the stair climber nose.

The Magliner SAL Liftkar is the perfect tool for home deliveries and small businesses. You can order your own unit today by clicking on the Buy Button above.