Magliner SAL Folding Hand Truck

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Do you need a hand truck that does not require a lot space to store it? The Magliner SAL Folding hand truck is the most popular choice of freight companies and I think this one is for you too.

Why is it the popular choice? The Magliner folding hand truck is a good choice for indoor deliveries. Manufactured by the Liftkar company in Austria, this hand truck is distributed exclusively by Magliner all over America. It comes in 3 models: 170, 140, and 100.

The Magliner folding hand truck only weighs 35 pounds without the battery attached. It can ascend or descend depending on the demands of the user. At maximum load capacity of 375 pounds, the model 170 can climb stairs at the maximum rate of 29 steps per minute. The 110 model, on the other hand, can carry at most 240 pounds at the maximum speed of 48 steps per minute.

The battery capacity is also commendable. At full load, a fully charged battery can last up to 220 steps. At half load, it can last up to 300 steps. For continuous use, you can also get the optional vehicle charger as an accessory.

This Magliner model comes with accessories to customize the folding hand truck based on your needs. You can make use of the battery securing clip kit to hold the battery securely even in high-impact situations. There is the keg hook to hold kegs in place. You can also get the additional straps in 56-inch and 100-inch lengths. Furthermore, with the three available models, you can also choose the handles, noses, and puncture-proof tires to suit your needs.

Transporting your loads will now be easy with the help of the folding Magliner SAL hand truck. You can check out the video to learn more details about how to effectively use this unit.

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