Motorized Platform Stacker by Wesco – 1000 LB Capacity

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This battery powered platform stacker from Wesco has a load capacity of up to 1000 pounds. This can be the quickest way to lift all your loads with ease and precision. In fact, this Wesco battery powered stacker is the more cost-effective alternative to fork trucks. This battery-powered system offers both lift and propulsion; hence, you can surely forget about all the stress from heavy lifting.

Included with the stacker are forks that can be lowered to the floor up to 5.75 inches for hassle-free loading on and off skids.  With its easy to operate push button controlling the power lift, this powered stacker can avoid fork drifting. With its instant stop mechanism, the stacker can also offer precise load placement.  In situations where the load needs to be lowered and lifted, this stacker is ideal.

The design is engineered for maneuverability. On the front, it has 5 inches phenolic wheels. On the rear, it has 4 inches swivel wheels that can be maneuvered especially on tight spaces. Aside from its well-engineered design for smooth operation, this platform stacker can last for years because of its toughness and strength.

Safety is also a prime concern for this Wesco motorized truck. Featuring a safety screen and floor lock for loading and unloading, you are guaranteed that you’ll have a safe platform truck with you. This motorized stacker unit can also be used even while you are recharging the truck. It has illuminated batter status indicator and charger cord that is positioned conveniently within the unit.

Without a doubt, the Wesco motorized 1000 lb capacity platform stacker is the best solution for all your lifting requirements. You can stay away from back pain from now on by ordering your very own battery powered stacker through the Buy Now button.