Narrow Aisle Electric Lift

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Are you looking for a small electric lift that you can use in the office? The Wesco Narrow Aisle Electric Lift is the perfect solution for narrow areas with its 220lb loan capacity. This lightweight but absolutely sturdy truck has 18 inches by 23 inches platform. It has a raised height of up 66 inches and can be up to 5 inches.


WescoNarrow Aisle Electric Lift

The Wesco electric office lift is the best choice for transporting supplies, documents, and other items. It features non-marking swivel casters for maximum maneuverability. In addition, there is a rear swivel lock to secure the lift when loading and unloading.

The red light will indicate that the unit is on. On the other hand, the green light indicates that the battery is charging. All you need to do is activate the power switch and the light turns on, showing that the truck is ready to lift.

There are accessories included with this Wesco electric lift. The built-in automatic charger plug requires a three-pronged 120-volt outlet. The comfortable remote control is conveniently located and easy to use. Furthermore, the long control cable provides improved cargo visibility and safety. The electric office lift’s quiet belt-drive mechanism is ideal for noise-sensitive areas.

Do you want the best price on your Wesco truck purchase? As an authorized dealer for Wesco electric lifts, we assure you that our prices are one of the most competitive in the market. We also guarantee that we conform to the strict standards of our manufacturers. Moreover, our experts can provide you further insights about the Wesco Narrow Aisle Electric Lift. Don’t know how to use this lift? We can offer you the knowledge on how to use this product. We provide tips to make sure your electric lift can last for many years to come. We also offer all factory warranties.

The Wesco Narrow Aisle Electric Lift is the sturdy truck that can work well with narrow aisles in offices. Click the Buy Now button today to get your unit.



Price: $1649.99
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