Pogo 2 Powermate Light Duty Stair climber

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As a small profile, light duty electric stair climber, the Pogo 2 by Powermate is the right choice for home medical delivery, water delivery, beer kegs, parcels, and so much more.  The Pogo 2 has a height of 48 inches and weight of 68 pounds. It has solid rubber wheels and this comes with wheel brakes.  The stair climber’s lifting capacity is 220 pounds while its lifting height is 32 inches. It also comes with standard accessories like charger and rechargeable battery. Strap bars are also included. For cylinders such as oxygen tanks, it can be equipped with V-shaped cradle attachment.

The Pogo P-2 Powermate comes in two options, the Cradle Assembly and the Lite Weight Frame Assembly. The Cradle Assembly is best used for cylindrical objects while the Lite Weight Frame Assemble has a straight frame, which is great for boxes such as parcels and kegs of beer.

The P-2 is ideal for narrow staircases and tight landings with its narrow footprint and width of only 22 inches. To protect your client’s property from damage, this stair climber has a full-length bottom rubber guard.

What are the advantages of the Powermate P-2 stair climber? Its small footprint and lightweight frame makes it the best choice for home delivery. And with its standard wheel brakes, you’ll be guaranteed of safety at work. This tool will surely reduce injuries and accidents.

The excellent feature of the Powermate brand is that it has superb after sales service and equipment training. For onsite support, please feel free to contact the 1-800 customer support number displayed on the unit. You can also check out the video above for other specs of the P-2.

In the end, the Pogo 2 Powermate stair climber is the best investment for lightweight loads up to 220 pounds, which will work for most practical applications. You can order your own unit today by clicking on the Buy Button above!