Powered Stairclimbers and The Lectro-Truck

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Electric Stair Climber Trucks have been in use worldwide for over twenty years. Lectro Truck’s proven reliability has resulted in thousands of satisfied and appreciative customers. Every Lectro Truck hand truck comes with a three year warranty on the motor, and a one year warranty on the entire unit providing customer satisfaction and confidence

Operates Anywhere

Lectro Truck’s 12-volt battery operation eliminates the need for an AC power source, allowing Lectro Truck to work in any situation. A full charge can last an entire day.

Optional Accessories

A full line of optional accessories are available allowing customization of your Lectro Truck to meet
specific load handling needs.

By combining a battery powered high-torque motor and a hardened aircraft drive screw, the Lectro Truck lifts and lowers loads relative to the wheels. This innovative material handling device enables one or two persons — with literally a push of a button–to lift, control and safely move loads weighing up to 1500 pounds. The Lectro Truck easily moves boilers, water heaters, vending machines, safes, and other heavy bulky loads up and down stairs, on and off trucks, trailers or docks. Lectro Truck is also as portable as a standard hand truck.
Using Your Lectro-Truck

Secure a load on the Lectro Truck as if using a standard hand truck.

To begin climbing stairs, press the wheels up button and raise the wheels to the height of the second stair level.

Tilt the load back and let the wheels rest securely against the back of the second stair level.

Rest the toe plate on the first stair level. Push the load forward enough so the wheels clear the step and
push the wheels up button and raise the wheels up another stair level.

Break the load back enough to clear the step. Press the load up button and raise the toe plate to the first stair level.