Powermate LE-1 Stairclimber and Winchlift Stacker

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The LE-1 stair climber is the unique model in the PowerMate series. This can be attributed to the distinct design of the 2 drive screws. The toe plate can move with the frame and these have certain advantages for a number of applications.

With the use of the LE-1 stair climber, you can move the load to change the machine’s balance. This is excellent for small but dense loads such as electric motors, compressors, and wood stoves. The two drive screw design makes this stair climber unique because of its capacity to raise and place loads on elevated surfaces. This is applicable for certain situations such as placing vending machines on counter tops or wood stove on hearths.

The LE-1 stair climber is manufactured with two drive screws made of hardened steel. These are matched perfectly with the batteries and motors for superior durability, efficiency, and strength. To provide additional drive system security, there is the spring lock device in the ball.

If you are looking for the most ergonomic lifting tool, then the Powermate LE-1 is one of your best bets. Positioned on top of the machine, the solid state controls are strategically placed between the hand grips. For optimum safety, the unit features its fully automatic brake system.

The LE-1 stair climber can carry loads of up to 650 pounds. In addition, it has a lifting height of 40 inches. This unit comes complete with battery, 2 strap bars, and standard battery charger.

Powermate is one of the best brands when it comes to electric hand trucks. It has been on the market for 30 years because of innovative hand trucks at affordable price ranges. As a motorized stair climber, a loading dock leveler, a tailgate lift and a stacker in just one machine, the Powermate LE-1 is one model which you can truly rely on various circumstances.

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