Powermate M Series (M-1,M-2B and M-2C) Stair Climbing Power Hand Truck

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Made of heavy duty, rugged steel, the Powermate M-Series is the heavy duty stair climbing hand trucks with maximum load capacity of 1500 pounds. It is ideal for moving heavy loads such as elevator equipment, boilers, safes, and even geothermal heat pumps. In fact, these hand trucks are used by the elevator industry to literally save millions.

While most hand trucks with stair climbing functions have maximum climbing height of 8 to 9 inches, these stair climbers can climb up to 40 to 48 inches. This is very useful for getting the machine in and out of trucks and other elevated surfaces.

You can lower the stair climber into horizontal position. This design enables the operator to have access even with limited height. The height is also perfect for transporting tall objects like subzero. The 400010 model has 60 inches height while the 400100 is 68 inches tall.

The design of these hand trucks is truly innovative. The M-series comes with retractable wheels to convert it to four-wheel dolly. The stair climber is also customizable with several attachments to suit different needs. The Big Wheels can transform this simple stair climber to suit uneven surfaces and rough terrain. This series also comes with the hook bar lever.  This lever can be employed to assist in loading objects to trucks. Furthermore, this hook bar acts as a leverage bar to maneuver loads easily.

The Powermate M-Series stair climbers can dramatically lower the required physical effort to move loads by as much as 87%. In return, this reduces injuries and claims and makes your worksite safer. Using these stair climbers can lower the number of people required to do the job. Hence, you increase productivity and profits.

The Powermate M-Series is a great value for money. It functions as a stair climber, a loading dock lever, a four-wheel dolly, and a tailgate lift. Thus, it is four machines for the price of one. Just take a look at the video above to learn more details.

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