Sal Liftkar Folding Handle Stairclimber by Wesco

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Wesco’s Sal Liftkar Folding Handle Stairclimber is the advanced stair climbing hand truck that will surely help reduce the risk of injury and fatigue. Moreover, this stairclimber can also reduce the employees required to get the cargo delivered.

This lightweight stairclimber has a folding handle which is perfect for small spaces. In fact, it is portable and can even fit into the trunk of your car. Nevertheless, this folding handle model is designed to last for years with its durable aluminum frame. For maximum comfort, this handle is ergonomically designed with non-slip rubber coating.

What are the advanced features of this stairclimber? The Liftkar can help transport all your loads even through winding staircases. For optimum load control and safety while ascending and descending the stairs, the Liftkar’s innovative technology features the edge-of-step sensor that activates the brake upon approaching the next step. This acts as a safety feature because the brake prevents the hand truck from rolling down the stairs.

With its control box on the left of the unit, you can take full control of the stairclimber to ascend or descend. Moreover, to fit your work environment, the Sal Liftkar has 2-speed control, the slow for beginners and the fast mode of up to 48 steps per minute. Just check out the video for instructions on how to use the unit safely while transporting loads on steps.

The stairclimber comes with wall charger and maintenance-free battery. When fully charged, the Liftkar can last approximately up to 200 to 300 ascending steps and 400 to 600 descending steps. Optional accessories include extra cargo strap, spare battery, and keg hook.

With its foldable frame, this is the perfect tool when you want a stairclimber that you can bring with you anywhere. You can also choose from the many sizes and styles depending on your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your Sal Liftkar folding handle stairclimber by clicking on the Buy Button right now!