SAL Liftkar Stairclimber Hand Truck – Heavy Duty 725 lb Capacity

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Are you moving heavy loads every day? If you need a hand truck with stair climbing capability and it only requires less space for storage, then you need to read more details about the motorized SAL Liftkar stair climber.

This SAL Liftkar model is different from other Liftkar models because of its folding handle. It is perfect for moving compact but heavy objects. And because it can be folded, you don’t have to worry about storage of the hand truck.

This stair climber has a maximum load capacity of 725 pounds. It is an excellent tool for moving dryers, washing machines, freezers, and other types of loads through staircases.

The hand truck is a reliable partner because of its design. To set the center of gravity, one can adjust the handle unit with completely adjustable friction clamping mechanism. This gives you precise control of the load. When using the truck at low angles, the SAL Liftkar’s adjustable angle position enables the operator to stand upright; hence, it is also great for moving heavy motors, safes, and photocopiers.

The hand truck has a number of astounding features. It features the edge-of-step brake system. When wheels are at the step’s edge, this innovative function automatically applies brake. This prevents the possible loss of control while ascending or descending the stairs.

The stair climber is made of high quality materials. The unit has puncture-proof tires which can withstand both smooth and rough surfaces. The nose plate is made of high-strength extruded aluminum and it measures 21 inches wide by 7.2 inches deep.

The unit comes with maintenance-free battery. When fully charged, the battery can last 120 steps at full load and around 220 steps at half load. The hand truck also comes with 137-inch strap and buckle as accessories. For confined spaces, you can likewise get the optional toe plate with four dual casters. This accessory offers additional cargo space without the need to tilt the unit.

This folding Liftkar is a great tool to have. Order your unit by clicking on the Add to Cart button now.