The Mule Electric Hand Truck

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As a popular choice in distribution centers and warehouses, the Mule Electric Hand Truck is designed to avoid worker injuries. But why is it a wise investment for your business?

We know budgets are tight and for your company to invest in equipment, it has to be equipment you’re going to use. Unlike most material handling equipment which can be specialized, limited to essentially one type of task and very large and expensive, the Mule electric hand truck is affordable and highly versatile. It is designed to handle a host of jobs, large and small. This versatility means your business gets a great return for your investment.

The Mule can do so much. Everyone wants to use it. That’s fine because it takes no licensing or special training to operate. There are no cables, no chains, no gas or fluids. The hand-operated locking disc brakes hold things steady while you load the platform.

The Mule is ideal for narrow or cramped spaces too. The custom-design, low profile casters allow the Mule to turn on a dial, making maneuvering in tight quarters a snap. It fits easily in standard 28-inch doorways.

The entire lift system is powered electrically. The rechargeable battery gives you power for 125 to 150 cycles for an average of 125-pound loads. It can be replaced with commercially available 12-volt battery.

The steel frame of the platform is tough and the lift is screw-driven. It can handle 350 pounds and do it with smooth precision that hydraulics can hope to match. Because the Mule is designed to prevent worker injuries, a protection circuit guards against lifting loads that exceed its capacity. To reset the lift function, simply lower the platform all the way to the bottom.

The flexibility of the platform makes it adaptable to more than just rectangular shapes. The adjustable work clamps can easily secure round payloads as well as flat objects. The Mule is a versatile tool with multiple uses that are not limited to factory and warehouse jobs. The applications are endless.

The Mule stands ready to change everything you know about hand trucks! Get your Mule Electric Hand Truck today. Click on the Buy Now button to order yours now.