Vestil Battery Powered Material Handling Cart 24 x 60

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Do you want to decrease work injury? Do you want to increase efficiency by moving more materials faster? Do you want to improve employee safety and boost their morale? If so, then you need to consider the Vestil material handling cart.

Using the Vestil handling cart, you can now move heavy loads throughout your warehouse without hassle. This cart is the stress-free alternative to transporting materials with your conventional platform cart. It is quiet and efficient with its 650 watt motor, two 50-amp batteries, and 5-amp on-board battery charger. The unit comes with the automatic electronic braking system as well as the innovative Penny and Giles controller.

With the touch of the fingertips, the operator can use the cart with the help of the forward/reverse levers for optimum load control. With the mid-axle feature, you can be assured of accurate pinpoint turning. It also features the 10-inch foam drive wheels.

The deck measures 24 inches wide and 60 inches long. The deck height is 11.67 inches. With the unit’s overall weight of 320 pounds, the maximum speed is 4.8 miles per hour. It has a uniform static capacity of 1,100 pounds.

Backed by the Vestil brand, this material handling cart is durable to last for many years to come. This brand has produced top quality products through the years and you can never go wrong with their hand trucks, especially this recommended material handling cart.

Starting today, you do not have to worry about injuries and worker claims. The Vestil battery powered cart can make your work environment safe and efficient. I suggest you check out the video above to learn more about this product.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to replace your old manual truck and this is the best replacement. You can order your handling cart today by clicking on the Buy Now button.