Vestil Motorized Stacker – Power Lift and Drive

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The Vestil motorized stacker transports loads quickly and with less effort, utilizing the power lift and drive features. Hence, it is the top choice in warehouse facilities. This stacker can handle heavy duty jobs with its high torque 24 volt DC drive and lift motor.

In this Vestil stacker, standard features include built-in battery charge indicator light. Easy-to-operate butterfly throttle controls allow operators to move forward and backward while the swivel control head provides maximum steering and maneuverability. It also includes the dead-man feature as well as electromagnetic disc brake for safety. With its poly-on-steel wheels, the stacker ensures smooth handling.

Push buttons are used to raise and lower the forks. With two 12 volt batteries, the powered lifter can operate up to 4 hours at full charge. When used intermittently, it can last up to 8 hours. It also includes a battery charger.

What sets this stacker apart from other models in the market? The good thing about this model is that there are proprietary safety-enhancing features such as the emergency stop reverse belly switch and horn. When actuated, the emergency stop feature will move the stacker away from the one operating. After 5 seconds upon activation of the switch, the safety circuit will simply be disabled. After this, the unit needs to be reset to revert back to normal operating conditions. This feature is a state-of-the-art device which offers unmatched protection to the user, something you can never find in other units in the market.

The Vestil motorized stacker comes in different styles and models. The one shown in the video is the fixed-fork unit. In this unit, neither the fork nor the support leg width can be adjusted although fixed fork with adjustable support legs are available as well as the adjustable leg with adjustable fork designs.

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