Vestil Power drive Platform Cart

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Are you tired of the manual hand truck? There is a better solution for you.

Here is the traction drive e-cart from Vestil. This cart allows workers to maneuver heavy loads without any strain or fear of injury. Thus, you can expect a safer work environment to improve productivity and minimize worker claims.

The e-cart is easy to use. For convenient and precise positioning of loads, the cart comes with pivoting handle in variable speed throttle controls. These controls are ergonomically designed for comfortable use.

To maximize safety, the unit comes with automatic brake that engages if handle is placed in full upright position or dropped to the fully lowered position. An emergency belly switch is also standard.

Convenient features include the key on and off switch and battery charge indicator. The platform can be raised to allow the operator to have access to all motor components.

The carts are available in 2 versions: the one-shelf and the two-shelf design. If the application requires, you can also easily remove the top shelf of the two-shelf unit. Just check out the video above to learn more.

As far as dimensions are concerned, the shelf is 14 inches tall and features a rubber, no-slip surface. The deck size is 28 inches wide and 48 inches long. You can also use the unit to move loads in ramps of up to 7 degrees incline. Weighing at 526 pounds, this traction drive e-cart can carry up to 750 pounds of load.

If you are looking forward to replacing your manual hand truck, then you need to get this power drive platform e-cart from Vestil. It is perfect for hospitals, warehouses, malls, supermarkets, and hotels.

For productivity and safety, this is a great tool that your business needs. I recommend you check out the Add to Cart button to get this unit today.