WESCO Cobra Pro Battery Powered Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck – Junior

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Is your job straining to move a heavy load up and down a ramp while trying to maintain control? Now, there is a way to greatly reduce the strain and vastly reduce the chance of strain-related injuries and worker downtime. Introducing the battery powered Cobra Pro from Wesco.

The Cobra Pro aluminum hand truck makes super easy work out of moving heavy loads up and down the ramps while maintaining control. This makes hauling heavy loads over long distances hassle free. The user can position himself behind the truck or in front.

The automatic electronic brake engages whenever the throttle is released, allowing the user to stop while on the ramp.  The infinitely variable speed throttle allows the user to resume operation at the desired speed and provides a controlled descent and ascent. At top speed of 3.5 miles per hour, the Cobra Pro hand truck is the ideal truck for moving cargo from place to place in the shortest amount of time.

The Cobra Pro features easy fingertip speed control to turn the unit on and off. It also controls both speed and direction. The battery pack is removable and can be swapped out with optional battery packs for heavy, continuous usage. The Cobra Pro comes with standard charger. The battery pack may be charged while on or off the truck. Each pack has two 12-volt batteries to provide 24 volts of power.

The power drive can work in two-wheel or four-wheel mode. The drive can be disengaged to use the Cobra Pro in manual mode. For use on smooth and rough terrains, you can rely on the 10 inches full pneumatic tires.

The Cobra pro Junior has a maximum load capacity of 950 pounds in four-wheel mode and 600 pounds on two-wheel mode. For instructions on how to use the Cobra Pro, you can check out the video provided above.

This is Wesco’s Cobra Pro and we can help you get the job done.