WESCO Cobra Pro Battery Powered Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck – Senior

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With all the benefits of the Cobra Pro Junior, Wesco’s battery powered Cobra Pro Senior convertible hand truck has the added advantage of more width and height. The senior version is 10 inches longer and 10 inches taller. You can take advantage of this bigger hand truck with just 3 pounds of additional weight to the junior model.

With the help of Cobra Pro Senior aluminum hand truck, you do not have to waste your energy by manually transporting heavy objects. This tool can help you control loads up to 1200 pounds with just your fingertips. With its high torque drive system, you can haul heavy loads with ease. You can even climb ramps without much effort. The Cobra Pro senior can help transport your loads up and down the ramps with precise control.

If you worry about safety when you need to stop in the middle of the ramp with your manual hand truck, then you want to check out the Cobra Pro Sr.  The variable throttle speed control can provide precisely controlled descent for optimum safety.

The drive system will also reduce strain, back pain, and worker injuries. The power drive can work in 2 modes: the two-wheel or the four-wheel mode. At two-wheel mode, it has a capacity of 600 pounds while it has 1200-pound capacity at four-wheel mode on flat surface.

As far as versatility is concerned, you can likewise use the Cobra Pro in manual mode by disengaging the drive. For heavy duty performance, it comes with 10 inch pneumatic tires for any type of surface. This hand truck comes with accessories such as the rechargeable battery and standard charger. For continuous usage, you can use the spare battery modules. It also comes with two-year warranty.

For increased productivity and performance, the Cobra Pro Senior aluminum hand truck is your best bet. You can order the unit today by clicking on the Buy Now button above.