Wesco Sal Liftkar – Ergo Handle Stair Climber Dolly

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If you are looking for the multi-purpose stair climber, the Wesco Sal Liftkar with Ergo Handle is an excellent choice. This motorized stair climber is a very maneuverable hand truck, which is a must-have for delivery guys especially when you need to use the stairs to transport heavy loads when there’s no elevator.

From a simple hand truck, you can simply snap on the battery on the truck and you have the versatile electric powered stair climber. With weight under 45 pounds, the Liftkar is lightweight yet very durable, making the process of transporting heavy loads up and down the stairs an effortless job. It only measures 18.5 inches in width and 63 inches in height. With its puncture-proof or pneumatic wheels, the Liftkar can be used on rough surfaces outdoors; hence, it is perfect for professional delivery services.

Shown in the video is the best selling Ergo Handle model of Wesco Sal Liftkar. Why is this stair climber the popular choice? This is because of its versatility. With its three gripping points on the handle, the stair climber provides balance for different types of loads. Depending on the model you choose, the load capacity ranges from 240 to 375 pounds. This makes the Liftkar with ergo handle the perfect solution for transporting different loads from appliances to kegs of beer. Make sure you watch the video for instructions on how to use the Wesco Liftkar appropriately.

The stair climber comes with standard wall charger and maintenance-free battery. When fully charged, it can perform up to 300 steps when ascending and up to 600 steps when descending. It also comes with 56-inch cargo strap and nose plate. You also have the option to get these additional accessories: extra cargo strap, keg hook, spare battery, and vehicle charger.

The ergo handle motorized stair climber is a preferred choice of so many customers and they have been truly satisfied with this tool. Get your very own Sal Liftkar today by ordering through the Buy Now Button!