Wesco Sal Liftkar Fold-L Handle Electric Stairclimber

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If you are trying to find the lightweight hand truck which is highly maneuverable for tight spaces, then you can never go wrong with the Sal Liftkar Fold-L Handle Electric Stair Climber. This hand truck is perfect for jobs requiring extra leverage with its versatile L handle to assist loads while ascending the steps; hence, making the difficult task of moving heavy loads upstairs not a problem.

The Wesco Liftkar is actually a simple hand truck that can be turned into an electric stair climber with the addition of the snap-on battery. With the wide, pneumatic wheels, this stair climber can be tough for outdoor use, even for rougher surfaces.

What makes the Fold-L Model different from other Sal Liftkar models? The Wesco Fold-L Handle unit is actually quite similar to the Fold Model Liftkar except for its shorter handle and the longer frame. With its weight capacity ranging from 240 pounds to 375 pounds, this stair climber is best suited for objects that require less tilt for balance.

It comes with 2-speed control for different work environments. Moreover, the 24-volt maintenance-free battery guarantees superb performance all the time. When fully charged, the stair climber can last up to 300 ascending steps and up to 600 descending steps. Please watch the video shown above for instructions on proper handling and safety measures on carrying heavy loads with the use of Wesco Liftkar.

The stair climber measures 19 inches in width and 64.5 inches in height when unfolded. When folded, its height is only 51 inches. It only weighs 41.8 pounds. The Fold-L model comes with wall 56-inch strap, charger, battery, and nose plate. Optional accessories are also available such as keg hook, extra cargo strap, spare battery, and vehicle charger.

If you are looking for the stair climber that can offer you extra leverage and versatility, the Sal Liftkar with Fold-L handle from Wesco is definitely the wise choice. Order through the Buy Button today!