Wesco SAL Liftkar- Uni Straight Back Frame

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The Wesco SAL Liftkar Uni Straight Back Frame is a practical, modular-design truck that is perfect for straight and tall objects. At only 16 kilograms, this lightweight hand truck is highly maneuverable for small areas. The truck measures 17.5 inches wide and 59 inches tall.

Going up and down the stairs is not a difficult task anymore with the Wesco SAL Liftkar. Climbing steps and stairs is not a problem with this no-nonsense solution. The Liftkar pulls itself on the step above and lifts only to the required step height. With the support of the motor, acting as the electric brake, your load will be brought down without bumping. This tool is also the excellent solution for tight landings and winding staircases.

There is optimum protection against knocks to the support wheels because of the mechanically lubricated hub. Additional electronic overload protection ensures that the load is not too heavy. It comes with two speed settings, slow and fast (up to 48 steps per minute).

There are a number of key features that come with this SAL Liftkar. The control box can be found on the left. A push button will control the hand truck to ascent (green light) or descent mode (red light). For instructions on how to use the Wesco SAL Liftkar when ascending or descending the stairs, you can check out the video provided above.

The SAL Liftkar comes completed with standard wall charger and battery. It also comes with nose plate and 56-inch cargo strap. It likewise comes with spare battery, extra cargo strap, vehicle charger, keg hook, and other optional accessories.

With its two-handle gripping point, this hand truck is perfect for tall and easily balanced loads. Thus, this is ideal for transporting appliances or kegs of beer. If you want to purchase this bestselling model from Wesco, order through the Buy Now Button above.